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Having been fortunate enough to have bumped into Aileen one late afternoon I surrendered to her for help in ideas for my daughters' lunches and voila! She brought new ideas, healthy ideas and fun ideas which sparked a whole new offering. My girls are happier and so am I. Thanks for the support when as a mom I was crying "uncle". It's so hard to always do what's right for your kids and keep them happy; but when it comes to nutrition and the effort to feed ourselves and our families with the best we should never waiver. It takes the support of friends and other moms to keep the ideas fresh. Thanks Aileen!


After seeing Aileen speak at a Toddler Nutrition Workshop Aileen gave me new ideas on how to serve fruits and vegetables at the dinner table. Now my kids are helping themselves to foods I thought they would never eat. Thanks Aileen!


Aileen really helped my son with label reading when she taught a label reading session in the classroom. It made him excited to learn more about label reading when at the grocery store and more aware of what he is eating. The session was over 2 years ago and my son is still reading labels and talking about making healthy choices. Thanks Aileen!


Mrs. Birkitt-

I appreciate you coming to speak to our students during Healthy Heart Month. Students commented that the program was "cool," "interesting," and "awesome." Almost all were surprised about how much sugar was in soda and learned "that there is a lot less sugar in Juicy-Juice than soda or Gatorade." One student remarked, "I liked learning to read the labels to learn how much sugar was in the drinks and food." Thank you again for educating our students on the sugar content in popular drinks and promoting healthy food choices.

-R.D., RN, CSN

"You are giving back to the community in a big way, Aileen, and not many people are prepared to do so! Many, many thanks for keeping us in tune with tips that make our lives brighter!"


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