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Coffee Confusion?


What are the benefits/risks?

Does it count towards my fluid requirement or doesn’t it?

There are lots of good things that have been discovered about coffee. It is full of antioxidants (these are compounds that inhibit oxidation- protecting cells against free radicals that can cause damage).

Many studies have shown that it MIGHT protect brain health (protection from some neurodegenerative diseases), It MIGHT lower depression, and also MIGHT contribute to longevity. It also MIGHT lower your risk of Type II Diabetes and also MIGHT support liver health.

Studies have shown it can improve heart health (though some who have ongoing heart issues are advised to stay away from it- ask your dr. ), it can improve performance levels- cognitively or in athletic performance.

Who should avoid coffee? Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding can have 200 mg or less. People with high blood pressure, those who have insomnia and those with anxiety may find it causes more anxiety and jitters- all are advised to avoid it.

Is decaf ok? Yes. It still offers many of the same benefits, though 97% of the caffeine is required to be removed in order to call it caffeine free, so just be aware that you might still get a small amount of caffeine in your decaf.

And yes, it can count towards your fluid requirements. That’s old news where you may have heard it doesn’t.

Hopefully this clears up any coffee confusion you may have had! Enjoy!


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