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Body Image

Tips on Helping Your Child Develop a Healthy Body Image

The number one rule for helping your child have a healthy relationship with their body is to NOT ever make comments about their weight or your weight.  Children even pick up on it when you comment about your body and may start to believe that their weight is being judged by you.  They may see weight as a way to gain acceptance from you.  Just let them know that you love them for who they are inside- that is the most important!  Try not to make weight comments at all!

Also, please do not push any food items or food groups.  The best thing you can do during meal time is put out lots of food items from all the food groups and let your child choose what to eat.  The minute You start to take charge and decide what they should eat is the minute they start to lose control over their body and natural hunger feelings.  Your children need to be in control of what they put in their body.  This knowledge will help them as an adult to trust their own hunger feelings.  You as a parent are in control of what is offered.  Offer protein, carbohydrate, dairy, fruits and vegetables plus water at all meals.  In addition offer a couple snacks in between meals.  Protein and carbohydrate are a good combination for a snack that will help to stave off hunger until the next meal.  

If your child is not eating their meals you may need to reschedule the snacks.  Try and leave at least 3 hours from snack to next meal.  

Also, please no clean plate clubs!  Sometimes we all take too much- it is so important to listen to our body signals about when enough is enough.  If you are concerned about waste, wrap it up for another meal.  

Hopefully these couple of tips will help you and your family to develop healthy relationships with food and our bodies!

Quick tip for looking in the mirror 2/13/13

Hi everyone!  I just have a quick tip for today- 
Do you ever find yourself being very critical of yourself when you look in the mirror?  Pay attention to your thoughts.  If you find that you are thinking negative things stick some post it notes on your mirror with some positive messages about yourself.  
For instance, "You are beautiful"
"You are wonderful just the way you are", etc.

Just remember:  you deserve to be positive to yourself!  Start the day off (and end the day) with these messages!

Don't Just Be A Number

Scale got you down?  Remember, you are not that number on the scale- you are so much more than that!  Just like when we go somewhere and dislike being called by a number, we should dislike defining ourselves by a number. 

The scale can be a great and useful tool but if you find yourself thinking about the number on the scale often, you may want to try and find ways to minimize this way of thinking.  It should not overtake different aspects of your life.  

If you need to eat better, or exercise more, fine.  But please, take some time to appreciate yourself and smile for yourself.  You deserve it and you deserve to be happy.  You are so much more than that scale.  Applaud your efforts for working to eat healthier and get in better shape.  Focus on those things first and foremost.  Maybe it's better for you to weigh yourself once per week, once a month, or not at all.  Sometimes how our clothes fit can be a better indicator for some individuals.  In addition, do not try and look like those supermodels!  Their skinniness is very unrealistic.  Please focus on a healthier lifestyle instead.  You can do it! 

Quick Tip

Hi everyone!  For today, if you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself,  say something positive in return.  Try to become aware of these thoughts.  Even if you are at a higher weight than what you desire, remember you are still a wonderful person with some wonderful attributes.  And smile- think of all that you have to be thankful for.


For the remainder of today see if you can stop any negative self 
talk about your body image.  If you catch yourself thinking something negative, replace it with something positive you like about yourself.  

Then, try doing this on a regular basis.  You are worth it!

5 Tips to Help Your Daughter Maintain a Healthy Body Image

Here are 5 tips on how to help your daughter to have a healthy body image :
1.  Eat dinner together as a family.  I know this is not always possible every night but do it as much as you can.  This is the best time to talk to your children and find out about their day and show that you care about what goes during their day. 
2.  Don't leave any fashion magazines lying around the house.  Many of the models have near impossible to achieve body types, or are so airbrushed.  If they are lying around they may bring about dissatisfaction to others about current body size.
3.  Don't talk about YOUR diet or how you are in the process of dieting.  Trust me, this is huge.  If the mom talks about dieting the child will probably get concerned with their weight as well.  Children as young as 5 have been know to talk about losing weight and dieting!
4.  Don't express dissatisfaction with your size or weight in front of your child.  In many cases this leads to your child feeling dissatisfied with their weight or body type. 
5.  Buy clothing that complements your daughter's body type.  She will look and feel better!
And..... don't forget to give lots of hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope these tips help!
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